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WINTEL is a software interface developed by United Vision which, combined with Braille terminals (or voices), allows an visually impaired operator to use the features offered by the attendant console with Microsoft Windows ®. WINTEL has official certification for attendant consoles Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise 4059 MAC - 4059 IP - 4059 EE.

WINTEL also allows the blind user to access other applications, with Windows ® SEVEN, 8.0 and 10, such as specific applications or office softwares (for example: MS Word, Excel, Emails, Internet Explorer, etc.).. This use requires the agreement of computer and telecom services site for the use of two functions on the same computer.

WINTEL installed on the PC Microsoft Windows is compatible with braille distributed or maintained by United Vision (eg Braille displays from Freedom Scientific, Humanware, Eurobraille).
This interface includes the software JAWS PRO of Freedom Scientific, as well as developments specific to telephony certified partner telecom manufacturers. Contact us to know the applications and versions available with WINTEL.

United Vision is DSPP of Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise manufacturer for over 25 years and is certified technically WINTEL solution by Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise to be distributed in all countries of the world where they are represented.
Professional applications Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise : 4059 MAC, 4059IP, 4059EE and IP Desktop SoftPhone on OmniPCX Enterprise PBX UA or IP are made available in Braille by United Vision through our application WINTEL including Pro JAWS from Freedom Scientific.

A new version of WINTEL for small systems using PBX Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise OmniPCX Office IP.
This will be the ideal solution for small and medium enterprises wishing to adapt a new workstation, or just replacing old braille connected to digital stations.
For example, old phone Alcatel Lucent Series 4 and 5 with protocols UA, a plugware CTI V24, and a braille display :

           - VBTEL20
           - VBTEL40
           - TVB2040